Saint Mary’s Community Service Scholarship Application

AAUW-OML College Women’s Leadership Award 2021 Application
Orinda-Moraga-Lafayette Branch

Must be submitted by 5:00 PM March 8, 2021

For a woman who is a sophomore or junior at Saint Mary’s College of California who enriches her school community through extracurricular activities, advocating for traditionally underrepresented groups.

    • ● List Saint Mary’s sponsored groups, the focus and mission of the organizations that you have participated in at Saint Mary’s.
    • ● What role you played as a participant, and what impact your participation made to the group.
    • ● Number of hours during each week committed to the activity and total for each year and average time for each activity. (Estimated)
  • On and off Campus List work and volunteer activities that you have actively participated in. What role did you play as a participant?
    • ● Include the year(s), approximate total number of hours during that year and hours per week for each component of community service, and a brief description of your role
  • Please list your two references:
  • 1. School Advisor or Coach who has had the opportunity to work with you and attest to your having demonstrated leadership skills
  • 2. Community Engagement Representative/Supervisor:
  • Write a short essay, not to exceed 500 words, reflecting on, but not limited to:
    • Contributions you have made to the local/global community
    • What you are learning about yourself, social change, and women’s roles that you are interested in developing.
  • You have completed Part 1. Please Press the Submit button. Return to the directions for Part 2 of the application.