Please remember to pay your 2019-2020 dues by the June 30 deadline.

You can mail in a check or pay on line.  Each current member has received an email in late May with links and details how to pay online.  If you need another paper copy of this years invoice and profile sheet look under the JOIN Tab at the top of this page.  Contact Marie Bonilla with any questions.


AAUW-OML gives special recognition to the talents and contributions of one of our members. Over the years as president, president-elect and vice president of finance, Gail has done a superb job by providing outstanding support to the OML Branch. She participates in many other branch priorities such as dorm counselor at Tech Trek summer camp on the Stanford University campus.  Our president Denise Burian says, “I know Gail commits all of her time, energy, and enthusiasm to AAUW. She believes in our mission and wants OML to be the best it can be.” Congratulations, Gail, as we celebrate you and the gifts you have endowed us with. You make a difference!

Incoming Executive Board (l to r) Marilyn Evans, Linda Bochte, Lynda Leonard, Peggy Cabaniss, Denise Burian, Judy Helder (installer), Alison MacKenzie, Marielle Boortz, Marie Bonilla and Gail Chesler.

Marie Bonilla Branch Named Gift Honoree

AAUW Fund is the collection of funds that support the nine programs that drive our mission of empowering women, including research, education, campus initiatives, STEM education, public policy, legal advocacy, global connec- tions, leadership and salary negotiation. It is a comprehensive set of programs that empower women and girls with the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the world and to have a fair chance.

Each year the OML Branch recognizes a member who has done outstanding work in supporting the mission, programs and goals of AAUW Fund. At the May Luncheon, we announced this year’s Branch Named Gift Honoree, Marie Bonilla.

She has an exemplary record of service to our branch as membership chair, database coordinator, Tech Trek advisor, president- elect, president, chair of the Interbranch Council, vice president of AAUW Fund. After a year off of the board, Marie returns as membership chair. She readily serves on committees and lends a helping hand wherever needed – always graciously. She was named Distinguished Woman in 2013.

Marie is known for her leadership, creativity, initiative, friendship and commitment to the AAUW mission, and she is a dedicated supporter of our branch priorities. Born and raised in Idaho, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Idaho with a degree in chemical engineer- ing. Upon graduation she went to work for Chevron Corporation.

Thank you Marie for your many contributions to AAUW and the OML Branch. You are opening doors!

Our Tech Trek Ice Cream Social

Nicole Zoe Michelle Bella Angela and Madeleine at the Tech Trek Ice Cream Social 2019

This year’s Tech Trek scholarship winners, their parents, former Tech Trekkers and branch members enjoyed ice cream, cookies, nuts and fruit as well as great conversation on May 23 at the Miramonte Garden Clubhouse. The girls got to know each other and hear advice from former Tech Trekkers Helen Kaidantzis, Maya Martono, and Sophia Kofoed. Jan Cushman showed pictures of the dorm rooms, cafeteria, camp classes and activities.  Camp Hopper starts on July 14 for a wonderful week of STEM experiences!  Gail Chesler, Sara Lautenbach and Jan Cushman will be dorm moms this year. Thanks to those who brought refreshments and thanks to Christine Walwyn for arranging for the clubhouse. Special thanks to all of our donors who make it possible for us to send these bright young women to camp!

Peggy Cabaniss appointed to National AAUW Board of Directors

I am thrilled to announce that Peggy Cabaniss, our Finance V.P. and long time member, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of AAUW National effective June 1, 2019 for a two year term. This is an extremely important national position. Besides being a great honor, her appointment is a testament to Peggy’s immense skills in the areas of fiduciary knowledge and responsibility, leadership, and vision for the organization.

The AAUW National Board of Directors is made up of 15 members: The Chair, Vice Chair, 10 elected members, and 3 appointed members. The board “provides strategic leadership and fiduciary oversight for the organization…….The work of the board is challenging and invigorating as it deals with issues central to AAUW’s long-term success.  It makes major decisions, provides direction to the CEO, and exercises strategic leadership.”

Tech Trek, Scholarship and Leadership Awards
April 14, 2019

Tech Trek Girls Selected to Attend Stanford Tech Trek Camp in the Summer of 2019

High School Scholarship Winners and College Leadership Awardees with the Scholarship Committee Members

Alondra Mendoza and Samantha Nieves, sophomores at Saint Mary’s College receive our first scholarships to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland, College Park.

All winners together with our Guest Speaker from Pandora Dr. Claire Dorman

AAUW Strategic Plan

Beyond Aspirations: Advancing equity for Women and Girls




Museum Mavens trip on Feb 22nd. Susan Wilson, Mary Leigh Miller, Judy Helder, Mary Ann McLeod, Marjorie Singler and husband Rowel, and Trudy Barron, were part of group of 14 that went to see the Monet and Gauguin exhibits at the De Young Museum.

OML-AAUW Members Participating in the Walnut Creek Women’s March on January 19, 2019

January Meeting Highlights

Speaker’s Slides of Presentation

Marielle Boortz and Denise Burian thanking Bunmi Esho for her presentation at our Membership meeting.

There was a good turn-out at our first evening membership meeting on January 21st, including some girls and their parents attending to find out more about the STEM programs our branch offers to middle and high school girls – specifically the STEAM conference and Tech Trek.  Our guest speaker was Bunmi Esho, CA Executive Director of TechBridge Girls.  This is a program about Preparing Girls for a STEM Career, and what TechBridge Girls does to educate and prepare girls for a STEM career at various age levels

December Branch Activities: Holiday Parties and Burckhalter Book Give Away

Two social gatherings and a book giveaway at our mission priority Burckhalter Elementary School highlight the end of the year activities of our branch. A fun way to end a busy year.

Successful Game Day Fundraiser

On November first forty members and guests enjoyed and relaxed in the lovely Miramonte Gardens Club House. Guests visited and sipped their drinks while Gail Burnett played the piano. After everyone enjoyed a catered lunch and dessert they were ready to play Bridge, Mexican Train Dominos or Bunco. Eight wonderful prize baskets were awarded.

Proceeds of $1000 help fund our local scholarships. This year our OML Branch will award three $2000 college scholarships to senior women at each of our three public high schools: Acalanes, Campolindo and Miramonte. Two undergraduate students from Saint Mary’s College will receive funds to attend the AAUW National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is the gap between what men and women are paid. Most commonly, it refers to the median annual pay of all women who work full time and year-round, compared to the pay of a similar cohort of men. Other estimates of the gender pay gap are based on weekly or hourly earnings, or are specific to a particular group of women.

Download Summary of 2018 Research Report
Frequently Asked Questions About the Gender Pay Gap

October General Meeting Highlights

Amazing….after 46 years it may happen

by Sandy Fox Sohner     

In the 70’s we all did what we could to ensure the equal rights amendment (ERA) would pass.  It was unbelievable that we could not get ¾ of our states to ratify it, despite the fact that the Congress overwhelmingly approved it. 

From the news article:

“The proposed amendment has three sections but the first is the main clause: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

“In 1972, supporters believed the amendment would invalidate widespread discrimination, including laws that restricted a woman’s right to buy or sell property and employers’ policies that denied unemployment compensation to pregnant workers.”
As you know, 35 states voted to ratify the amendment back then, but 38 are needed.  Last year Nevada ratified the ERA (yay Nevada!) and this week Illinois ratified (!).  All we need is one more state.

 I had given up hope on this thing years ago, but egads it might happen, and ironically, under  Trump’s administration.  I may have to get a T-shirt.

Link to full article

An Interview with Kim Churches and Ruth Bader Ginsberg on Gender Pay Inequity

Click Here

Kimberly Churches is the chief executive officer of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), an organization devoted to advancing equity for women and girls through education, advocacy, philanthropy and research. Prior to joining AAUW, Churches served as the managing director of Brookings Institution. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.

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Sign up online or text the word “AAUW” to phone number 21333 now to join.

Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault under Title IX

Image by Tony Cairns, Flickr Creative Commons

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. It covers women and men, girls and boys, and staff and students in any educational institution or program that receives federal funds. Local school districts, colleges and universities, for-profit schools, career and technical education agencies, libraries, and museums are all covered under Title IX.  Read more.


AAUW Stands against Bias and Bigotry

AAUW has always stood up against discrimination since its inception. AAUW’s history speaks for itself on how it has raised its voice against intolerance and injustice.

Once again it’s time to unite together and support refugees and immigrants to preserve diversity which makes America so strong and powerful. Continue reading.


Women take on more student debt than men … but are paid less after college

Between 1976 and 2014 the price of college attendance more than doubled, but household incomes barely budged. Today most students must bridge the gap between income and cost with student loans—followed by student debt. Women take on more loans and take longer to repay their debt, thus women hold almost two-thirds of the outstanding student loan debt in the United States.  To learn more read the research report from AAUW National.

Latest AAUW Report

Why do men still vastly outnumber women in leadership positions? AAUW’s newest research report, Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans. Women’s success in postsecondary education is shrinking the gender pay gap and opening up opportunities, but at what price? Women not only take on more student debt than men do, but women also pay back their loans more slowly because of the gender pay gap.


Monthly OML meetings are held at the Orinda Community Church, Fellowship Hall, 10 Irwin Way, Orinda, 9:30 a.m. social; 10–12 a.m. meeting.

Parking is available in the upper lot, which is marked with “Event Parking” arrows. Please leave parking in the lower lot available for anyone with mobility issues.  Thanks for helping everyone attend who needs closer access to the Fellowship Hall.

Our branch serves Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette, small California towns nestled in rolling hills about 15 miles east of San Francisco. We have much to offer our members, including activities, events, interest groups, and educational opportunities.

The American Association of University Women is a national organization that advances equity for women through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. AAUW has more than 170,000 members and supporters in 1000 branches across the United States and 800 college/university members. It lobbies and advocates for education and equity for women and girls. Our commitment to these issues is reflected by the AAUW public policy program and our support for AAUW Funds. Read more about AAUW Funds.