AAUW-OML STEM Conference

AAUW STEM Techbridge Virtual Conference
March 20, 2021

Franceska Hinkamp was our keynote speaker.   Franceska participated in Sister-to-Sister as a middle schooler in 2002 and again as a mentor in high school in 2008.  She shares, “that day as a participant shifted the way I thought about my social identity as a young woman and my participation as a mentor was meaningful and helped to shape by leadership abilities.”  We are thrilled to have her back speaking to middle-school girls.Franceska will share how she went from a BA in Sociology from USF to a MS in Human Genetics.  Today, she provides pioneering genetic counseling in pediatrics, adult medical genetics, neonatal intensive care and pediatric cancer predisposition at the UCLA Institute for Precision Health in Los Angeles.

Listen to a 35 minute recording of her address to 2021 Conference Attendees.

Meeting Recording:

Some pictures of 2018 workshops at Saint Mary’s College.

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