AAUW-OML History

officers-1957-58In 1956, 87 women gathered to form the Orinda branch of AAUW. Although the first meetings were held at the Glorietta School, the Orinda Community Church became the branch’s home for several years. Other meeting venues included the Del Rey School, the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church, and, more recently, Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Moraga.

Pictured are the 1957/1958 officers. Viewed left to right are Mrs. Warner Hughes, Mrs. James Roberts, Mrs. Frank Leibold (President), Mrs. John Goldeen, and Mrs. Louis Harmon. The setting is the bay window in the living room belonging to Frances Leibold. Today that bay window and living room is the residence of recent branch president, Jan Coe!

In 1966, the branch, although still referred to as the Orinda Branch, officially began serving the Lafayette and Moraga communities as well. 1971 is the first year that our name was changed to Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette Branch. At that time the dues were $15.75, with $6.50 going to the National Association, $1 to the state, and $3 for a Fellowships Donation.

Two of the original charter members have remained a part of OML throughout the years: Bobbie Dodson and Barbara Boyle. Many others are still living in the area.

In March of 2006, the OML Branch held a luncheon and program commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the branch.